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Cool write up of Paper Jam by Blonde Art Books

Paper Jam Exhibitor #24: The Media

In our rush to make Paper Jam happen we totally forgot to make a post about our 24th and final exhibitor Liz Pelly of The Media. The internet version of The Media is a weekly webpaper covering alternative arts, culture, music, news, and grassroots activism. Inspired by the spirit of alternative weeklies like the Boston Phoenix. The print versions that Liz had on hand for Paper Jam were an excellent selection of excerpts from the webpaper such as an article on being disabled within D.I.Y. culture by Sean Grey, an interview with Jes Aurelius of Ascetic House on their work sending music and reading material to prisoners, not to mention an article by Paper Jam’s own Nina Mashurova discussing a safer spaces panel held at the Silent Barn. All great reads. I am very glad to have featured Liz’s work via The Media at the first Paper Jam, as material of such seriousness and thoughtfulness should always be part of any small press discussion. - Robin Enrico (PJCC)

Really cool interview with Paige and I about Paper Jam. Check it out!

Matthew Leifheit’s table at Paper Jam

Holly Knox Rhame’s table at Paper Jam. Super pumped to read her zines.


Cu @thesilentbarn for paperjam fest, all day long!

So glad to have Leah Wishnia as part of the first Paper Jam.


Just some of the cool stuff I got at the first ever Paper Jam on Saturday! There were so many awesome artists there, and I can’t wait to read all of the rad comics & zines that I picked up.

Robin and the other organizers did a really amazing job putting this event together. Looking forward to the next one!

In this picture:

Top row: leahwishnia, screenprint by ala-bas-ter

Middle row: Characters by Jess Ruliffson published by Paper Rocket Minicomics, Mia Schwartz, Caroline Paquita, stephtheartist

Bottom row: zine & necklace by roarlivia, vanishingtwin, newlevant

(via newlevant)


SO even though I don’t make it known on tumblr nearly enough, I do manage to go out and do cool things every now and again.  The most recent thing is a new project called Picture This! Photobooths.

The photobooth is portable and completely handmade from pvc pipe and cut paper.  I hope to break it out at more events soon since people seemed enthusiastic about the idea of a free and interactive display.  Here are some of my favorites!

I was lucky enough to premier at the very first Paper Jam and let me tell you, it was totally rad.  I got to see bunches of super talented artists and dropped more money than probably responsible on new zines- but no regrets, each one was gold.  Swing by their tumblr to see great exhibitor photos, flyers, and info on the next Jam.

I’m sure I’ll post more about this project here, but if you want to stay in the know, make sure to like the facebook page as well…

Stuff like this is exactly the kind of stuff that makes me so happy to be able to offer a platform (via Paper Jam) to the amazing artists I know.

(via newlevant)



paperjamfest was absolutely amazing yesterday.  So many talented artists in one room in addition to all the extra fun stuff that was going on (photo booth, haircuts!).

I wish I could have purchased more (my bank account hates me right now), but I did manage to snag some awesome stuff from ala-bas-ter, newlevant, roarlivia, and stephtheartist.

robinenrico killed it with this event.  Can’t wait for the next one!

Thank you! (since when can you tag users on tumblr, woah weird)

What awesome company my zines are in. 

I so pleased people bought my thesis zine, I really didn’t expect much of a response. 

Some more paperjamfest photos from yesterday’s event.

Again thank you PaperJammers for making yesterday a resounding success. We had a great response from both visitors and exhibitors. We look forward to round 2, so check back here again as summer approaches and we hash out details for a second gathering.